Asus k52jr_dc_board rev 2.2 схема

asus k52jr_dc_board rev 2.2 схема
The tap will open up at a 90 degree angle. You can support my work! It takes hours to create one disassembly guide and only a minute to donate. Disconnect the touchpad cable (left) and power button board cable (right). STEP 17. Unlock the power button board connector same way you unlocked the keyboard connector. Diconnect cable from the power board. STEP 27. Now you can remove the power button board from the laptop base and repair or replace the failed DC power jack.

You can use a piece of soft plastic to separate these parts. Lift up and remove the speaker. STEP 26. Remove one screw securing the power board. The DC power jack soldered to the board. This guide explains how to access and remove the power board.

Главная > Товар со Скидками > Скидка N53sv Board Извините, 0 результатов по запросу n53sv board Результаты соответствующие часть Вашего поиска. Remove cable from the connector. STEP 18. Here’s how to unlock the touchpad connector. Lift up the left side of the brown locking tab with your fingernail.

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