Cambridge audio azur 340r принципиальная схема

cambridge audio azur 340r принципиальная схема
That would be a shame, because the 340A is a wonderful amplifier. It cuts corners so artfully that you barely notice the compromises. The amp section, using dual differential pairs, includes overload and short circuit protection. But why pay for expensive socketry that you will never use? Separation was good, with the kind of air between instruments I expect from much higher-priced gear. The inputs are labeled both upside down and right side up, a nice touch, and one that you will appreciate when you are making connections from above. A detachable power cord is provided, which is probably sufficient, but it’s nice to know you can upgrade later. While playing The Gramophone’s August sampler CD, the 340A was taken by surprise when confronted with quick on-off-on orchestral bursts.

That’s a significant accomplishment for $250. I know of nothing else at this price that even comes close to the 340A’s combination of build quality, minimalist style, and musical talent. Die Klangregelung wird den puristischen Musikliebhaber nicht stören, da sie abschaltbar ist, wonach das Signal unbeeinflusst zwischen Vor- und Endstufenbereich fließt.Für ein stabiles Klangbild ist ein sattes Netzteil Voraussetzung. Testbericht Der Azur 740 A von Cambridge Audio blamiert die Mitstreiter in seiner Klasse zwar nicht, aber er distanziert sie souverän. Im Blindtest hätte das… Testbericht Im Verstärker Azur 740 A von Cambridge (1000 Euro) halten sich schlaue elektronische Heinzelmännchen auf. The onscreen display (OSD) is just a single page of options on a blue background.Each leads intuitively to whatever page you need. With a back-to-basics sub-£300 model that purports to put put audio quality first, drawing a red line through the ever-growing list of optional extras that are being fitted as standard by the Japanese brands.The result is a startlingly simple receiver design that stays resolutely on message.

Testberichte Alle Testberichte Alle Tests von Smartphones, Handys, Tablets, Navis, Notebooks und Ultrabooks, DECT-Telefonen und DSL-Routern in der Übersicht. Cymbals clash and jangle in a particularly convincing way.Don’t forget to select the 5.1 soundtrack in the menu of the This is England DVD by the way, as the default is stereo for some reason. The speakers were Sony’s overachieving SS-K70ED floorstanders (see that review here)not the easiest load but not unreasonable, either. At no time did I feel like the 340A belonged in a lower-end system. On the contrary, having quality components upstream only showed how capable this unit truly was. Для защиты схем Cambridge Audio Azur 351A от внешних воздействий служит акустически демпфированное металлическое шасси; передняя панель аппарата имеет значительную толщину, и выполнена из алюминия. Pair it with a laid back source like the Sony SCD-CE595, and laid back is what you get. Was eine gute Lösung darstellt — schließlich ist der Signalweg innerhalb des Powerkäfers sehr kurz gehalten.

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