Схема eurotronic iveco pdf

схема eurotronic iveco pdf
You can change your cookie settings at any time. These use one standardised system for all gross weights from four to 40 tonnes, with the design of compartments, sliding trays, reel housings and the like then adapted to each customer’s precise needs. We use cookies (own and third parties) to deliver superior functionality and to enhance your experience of our websites. If you continue your visit on the website without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you agree to receive all cookies on the CNH Industrial website. But apart from the structure, there’s devil in the detail. And he adds that around half of Magirus’s production is now based on the Iveco EuroCargo. Engines are up at the top end of the torque table.

Other features include reversing sensors, a hands-free telephone kit and a light bar, for maximum visibility at night. A Cursor 9 engine produces 310bhp at 1,675 2,200 rpm and up to 1,300 Nm of torque at 1,100 1,675 rpm, driven through an automated ZF EuroTronic gearbox. Euro VI engines use Hi-eSCR (efficiency Selective Catalitic Reduction) system. Передачи в автоматическом режиме рассчитываются в зависимости от нагрузки, дорожных условий и стиля вождения, оптимизируя рабочие характеристики автомобиля, расход топлива и комфорт. Iveco Evrocargo – серия среднетоннажных грузовиков, выпускаемая итальянской компанией Iveco Iveco S.p.A, полной массой от 7 до 18 тонн. В иеархии Iveco занимает место между легким Daily и тяжелым Stralis. Пневматическая подвеска защищает не только груз, но и дорожное покрытие. Why? Mainly because this is one of the truck industry’s most specialist niches so ‘complete builds’ just didn’t work out.

There’s still a huge gulf between the performance of an automated, and an automatic transmission in the minds of buyers. Участникам тест-драйва было предложено опробовать в действии как традиционную механику с сервоприводом, так и роботизированный 12-ступенчатый Eurotronic от фирмы ZF с возможностью ручного переключения. The operator evaluated three marques before deciding on the Iveco Stralis. Lemon Groundwork is accredited to TfL’s Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and the new vehicle was specified to Crossrail standards. The only other contender might be a dual-clutch gearbox, or Allison’s own TC-10 twin countershaft unit, now finally in service among US fleets.

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